Slate plans website overhaul

By Frank Alarcon

SG plans to overhaul its website,, to boost functionality for both students and SG officers, according to second-year Vice President for Administration Forrest Scofield.

Among the changes are a switch from content manager WordPress to Drupal, and a “facelift” to make the site more pleasing to the eye. Scofield also hopes to implement different levels of access to allow individual members of College Council and Graduate Council to add content, such as blog posts and videos. “We want different forms of content for students to digest,” Scofield said. In the past, only members of the SG Cabinet have been able to edit the site.

SG will begin developing these changes in the coming weeks. Asked why no progress was made on the website during the summer, SG President Youssef Kalad said, “The website wasn’t a major priority over the summer… I think you’ll see a better website in the future,” explaining that his slate mainly used the summer months for planning initiatives and serving out its role as Summer Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC).