Ida renovation hits snag, will continue into winter

By Ankit Jain

Complications with the roof renovations of Ida Noyes Hall have pushed back the completion date for construction until the end of January, while interior construction remains on track to be complete by the end of May.

The University decided over the summer to replace the roof and fix the stone masonry on the southern half of the building’s exterior, beginning work on July 6. The renovations had originally been scheduled to end November 18, but workers discovered new problems when they tore off the first layer of the roof.

University spokesperson Steve Kloehn said that the delay was relatively minor.

“I don’t think it’s unusual to pull off a roof and find that there are some issues with the underneath,” he said. In an e-mail message, Kloehn added that complications with completing a roofing project during winter also contributed to the delays.

Meanwhile, renovations to the interior of Ida Noyes remain on schedule for a May 30, 2012 completion date. The renovations, which began October 31, affect the second and third floors of the building, including the CAPS offices.

A third, separate renovation project, to the floor of the Ida Noyes Hall Dance Room, is expected to be done over winter break. However, administrators are prepared for the possibility of the floor presenting similar problems as did the roof.

“You never know what’s going to happen in a construction project when they pull up the floor,” director of ORCSA Sharlene Holly said, adding that she hopes to start the project as soon as possible to account for potential delays.

The building’s last major renovation occurred in 2007 when the northern half of the roof was replaced and stone masonry on the northern exterior was renovated.

To carry out the exterior work, the University has contracted Bulley and Andrews Masonry Restoration, a Chicago-based company that has worked on University projects in the past, including renovations to the U of C Lab Schools.