Baby, it’s cold outside—and inside

Students in Max Palevsky, Blackstone, and Stony Island have reported heating

By Marina Fang

Amid this week’s frigid weather, students have reported heating issues in Max Palevsky, Blackstone, and Stony Island Residence Halls.

“I wake up freezing every single morning and wear my coat around my apartment,” second-year Stony Island resident Kayla Reinherz said.

According to second-year Samara Albazzaz, who also lives in Stony Island, her roommate was particularly bothered by the cold.

“She didn’t feel comfortable working at the desk in our room,” Albazzaz said in an e-mail.

Fourth-year Sarah Del Ciello, who lives in Max Palevsky Central, said that dorm rooms and common areas have felt particularly cold in the last two days.

“It’s a minor inconvenience. I find myself bundling up and wearing slippers a little more than usual,” she said.

Engineers worked to repair the heating issues in Max Palevsky common areas and in Blackstone, according to Facilities Services Communications Manager Amy Lee.

“Some common areas in [Max Palevsky], such as hallways, lounges, and lobbies, dropped to 60 degrees at times today while we worked to restore the systems. Heat now hovers in the 68-degree range in those areas,” she said.

Lee said she was not aware of heating issues in student dorm rooms or at Stony Island.

Del Ciello said that engineers conducted room checks in Max Central to locate the rooms that were affected. Students in Max P and Blackstone also received e-mails from housing staff updating them about the repairs.

Albazzaz said the heating problems in Stony have persisted since late November, but they were not problematic until this week’s single-digit temperatures. She said she and her suitemates put in a work order on Monday, and workers came to fix it the next day.

Lee encouraged students to file service requests on the HouseNet system if they experience further problems.