September 19, 2013

Career Advancement to condense UCIJ and UCIA

Career Advancement is close to announcing a new program called UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media (UCIJAM) that will condense the old UChicago Careers in Journalism (UCIJ) and UChicago Careers in Arts (UCIA).

The new pre-professional program will continue many similar components of the UCIJ program such as “one-one advising, programming, and internship opportunities,” Marthe Druska Golden, director of Student and Employer Services/Communications and Outreach, wrote in an e-mail.

“The program will continue to support students interested in journalism and arts, and explore career paths in the intersection of these spaces,” Druska said.

She added that Career Advancement was in the final stages of hiring a program director, and that UCIJAM would feature new apprenticeships and treks. UCIJ and UCIA have both been without program directors since spring.

A formal announcement launching the program is expected before the beginning of the academic year, according to Dianna Douglas, a University spokesperson.