Letter from the editor

By Maroon Editorial Board

Dear readers,

Today you will find the December 1 issue of The Maroon online, but not in newsstands or stacks on campus. Due to the closing of University facilities Monday as well as the security precautions that remained through midnight, we opted to have the editorial staff of The Maroon work remotely from their homes. As a result, though, we lacked the technological equipment necessary to produce our final issue of the quarter in print for our normal printing schedule. We anticipate that we will be able to access our office and produce the print edition of the issue on Tuesday, and it should appear on campus Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience. This is the last full issue of The Maroon this fall quarter, and we wish you a safe and happy end of the quarter. Good luck on your finals!


Eleanor Hyun, Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Manhardt, Deputy Editor-in-Chief