Team Falls to Georgetown, Sweeps No. 38 Kalamazoo

By Erik Wong

This past weekend, the Maroons battled Georgetown and No. 38 Kalamazoo in home matches on Friday and Saturday, respectively. To start the weekend, the squad fought hard in its match-up against the DI Hoyas of Georgetown, but unfortunately lost 6–1. The Hoyas, who gained their second win of the season, fielded an impressive line up that proved quite difficult for the South Siders to handle.

On a positive note, however, fourth-year Lucy Tang stepped up to defeat third-year Madeline Foley of Georgetown in the fifth singles match. Third-year Tiffany Chen also showed some sparks in her match against Hoya first-year Sydney Goodson by winning the second set 6–1.

The Maroons also provided quality performances in doubles play, which was a point of concern for the team going into this match. Although the doubles pairs did not finish with a win, the second and third teams contended in their matches until the very end. The second team composed of second-year Ariana Iranpour and first-year Kaela Bynoe lost 9–7, and the third team of fourth-year Stephanie Lee and Chen lost 8–5.

“Georgetown was our last match against a DI school, so we were very motivated to come out strong against a DIII school. Going into Kalamazoo, we were really focused on stepping up our doubles game, making sure we were in control of the points and being the aggressive ones,” first-year Rachel Kim said.

The disappointment over the loss against Georgetown was definitely short-lived, however. The following day, the Maroons rebounded by routing No. 38 Kalamazoo College with an outstanding final score of 9–0. The squad won every single set in each of the singles matches and scored a total of 72 points, while holding Kalamazoo to just five points in all of singles play.

Iranpour, Kim, Bynoe, Tang, Chen, and Lee were all responsible for these singles wins. For Tang, this is her third win in a row, as she held third-year Siani Johnson of Kalamazoo to a single point in the match. Kim, Chen, and Lee were also able to take their matches in two quick 6–0 sets.

As for doubles play, Chicago was able to take the three matches with relative ease. The first team of Kim and Tang defeated fourth-year Sarah Woods and third-year Sabrina Dass of Kalamazoo with a final score of 8–4. In the second match up, Iranpour and Bynoe proved their dominance, sweeping the duo of Kalamazoo second-year Maria Franco and third-year Eloise Germic 8–0. Finally, in the third match, Chen and Lee wrapped up the domination, defeating Kalamazoo’s Johnson and first-year Sonal Bahl 8–1.

This overpowering performance by the doubles reflected the amount of time the team has allocated towards doubles play throughout practice in recent weeks. The squad has improved significantly upon their doubles game, and continued to show solid effort in singles play.

With this improvement and riding their overwhelming win against No. 38 Kalamazoo, the Maroons look forward to improving upon their 2–2 record. Their next test comes in under a week, away against an unranked Denison team on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Then, the following Saturday, Chicago will return for a match back on its home court against No. 14 DePauw.