Changes to Class Registration System Put Into Effect

The changes are part of the University’s new Academic Information System.

By Sonia Schlesinger

Changes to the class registration system have been put into effect for the 2016 autumn quarter. Both course registration and instructor evaluations are now included on the my.UChicago portal website, which also gives access to student academic records, finances, and financial aid.

Changes to the my.UChicago website are part of a wider overhaul of the University of Chicago’s Acadmic Informeation System (AIS) several years in the making.

“In addition to the new look, AIS will provide real-time transactions and more robust access to information. We are very pleased to introduce this new experience to UChicago,” said Amanda Fijal, project co-sponsor and senior executive director of University Financial Aid and Enrollment and Student Advancement (ESA) Technologies.

The purpose is for my.UChicago portal to become a “one-stop-shop” for all academic and financial tasks so that students will not have to use multiple websites. Students previously used the UChicago portal for transcripts and finances, to browse and register for classes, and to view instructor evaluations.

“AIS consolidates and updates many of the academic systems we use every day.” When the full implementation is complete in the 2016 autumn quarter, faculty, students, staff, parents, even alumni will gain simple, direct, mobile-optimized access to students’ academic and financial information.” said Kathie Koch, executive director of administrative services, in the News Office statement.

Course registration on the portal includes some new features. Students can now filter classes by day of the week, core requirements, or prerequisites. Like the previous system, the my.UChicago portal allows students to browse classes by department; however, the classes for a given department cannot all be viewed on the same page as they could on the old website.

According to a statement released by the University of Chicago News Office, the University’s AIS has been in the process of being overhauled since it was declared obsolete in 2014.