UChicago’s COVID-19 Policies: A Year in Review

The pandemic winter at UChicago saw the very first vaccines administered and some disciplinary action for students who violated distancing guidelines.

By Elise Yu and Caroline Kubzansky

December 2020

UCMC begins its vaccination campaign among staff.  

January 2021

The University announces that it will open a vaccination clinic for phases 1c and 2 of the vaccine rollout.

February 2021

  • The University announces it has removed several students from their housing in Campus North. In general, COVID-19 related offenses are categorized based on location (housing or dining halls) and whether students live on campus.  Depending on the severity and frequency of the offenses, consequences range from written warnings to expulsion. 
  • UChicago Forward’s FAQ page states, “Ignoring the public health risks associated with gatherings, as well as serious violations of other requirements, will have consequences for individual students and their groups—whether they are part of an RSO or other type of group (including off-campus Greek organizations). Violating the requirements in the attestation could result in severe disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension of access to campus.” 
  • The University announces that the 534th Convocation will be mostly remote, with a socially distant, in-person diploma ceremony tentatively planned. 
  • The University vaccinates almost 900 people against COVID-19 as part of phase 1b of the City’s immunization program.