The Maroon Weekly, E8

This week: Reporter Quinn Kane investigates talk of a potential business major, the Citizen Bulletin’s David Whyman tells listeners how to vote early, and the Maroon sits down with two people running for office in Illinois: Daniel Biss and Gabriel Piemonte. Plus: hear a segment of the Maroon’s recent feature “A Dream Deferred: UChicago Organizers On Deferred Action, Donald Trump, and the Fate of Immigrant Youth.”

Hosted by: Miles Burton, Austin Christhilf, and Quinn Kane

Featuring: Daniel Biss, Gabriel Piemonte, Eugene Miravete, Mo Cruz, Emilio Balderas, Raphael Espinoza, David Wyman, Katie Akin, Pete Grieve, Lee Harris, Alia Shahzad, Euirim Choi, and Grace Hauck

Edited by: Quinn Kane, Miles Burton, and Grace Hauck

Music by: Aaron Cendan, Andrew Dietz