Lede certified

In the comments

By Tim Murphy

In the comments, Alec suggests a new game: “Given any lede, transition it into a certain article.”This has actually been going on for years at publications all around the country. Alex Beam had a fascinating story on what he calls “samizdat” (un-published materials) in the Atlantic two years ago. Worth reading in its entirety, especially for this rewrite of a famous news story, done in the more literary style of a “color lede”:

DALLAS, Nov. 22—Elvira Brown’s aging face seems almost to be a map of the parched, weatherbeaten Texas countryside that has been her home for 83 years. Through the eyes that squint in the harsh sunlight, she has seen Dallas grow from a tiny cowtown into a midland capital. The street outside of her tiny house used to be nothing more than a dust trail in summer and a mudhole in winter. Years ago, she would sit on this porch and watch cattle drives pass. Today, a procession of quite a different sort passed along the now-paved course. It was a motorcade. It flew by at top speed on its way to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Top speed, because, it seems, the President of the United States was inside. And he was dead.

The copy of the Gettysburg Address, as marked up by copy editors, is also worth a look.