Arizona’s Olson getting divorced

No, seriously. According to, t

By Tim Murphy

No, seriously. According to, this is the second-most important sports story of the day. I guess it’s a story when a coach takes a leave of absence, but when, already on leave, that same coach gets a divorce, that’s about as irrelevant as you can get to college basketball. That anyone actually cares is kind is disturbing–that ESPN editors think that I should care is even more insulting.Incidentally, of ESPN’s top 11 stories today, 4 involve court cases, 2 involve coaching changes, 2 involve the NFL fining people, 1 involves a paralyzed athlete, 1 concerns Lute Olson’s lack of domestic tranquility….and one story actually comes remotely close to reporting on a sporting event: Brodie Croyle will start for the Chiefs Saturday. Tremendous. I wonder what Mike and Mike have to say about this.