God bless us, everyone

Santa Clauwse

By Tim Murphy

Santa Clauwse1 Rainndear PlaceTh North PollDear Santa,For Christmas this year, I would like three things:1.) A hippo2.) Tommy Tancredo, silenced.3.) GOP candidates to launch dueling commercials featuring tacky, red, Christmas sweaters. Something like this. Or this.

I sent that letter three months ago, but in the past week, #2 and #3 have come true. Wowzers! The hippo must be on its way.On a side note, now that the Republicans have crossed the threshold of Christmas crazy, what can we expect next? Is Giuliuani going to start giving stump speeches with one of those fake red noses, in honor of his namesake? Will Fred Thompson start walking around with fuzzy reindeer antlers? Will Jeri?