UPDATED: Lab Schools senior killed biking, two others injured

One Lab Schools senior was killed and two other injured while biking in Southern Illinois, according to media reports. The students were struck by a mini-van.

By Asher Klein

Three Lab Schools seniors were hit by a mini-van Thursday that killed one and left the other two hospitalized in serious condition, according to various media outlets. The students were on a bike trip through southern Illinois.

Seventeen year-old Faith F. Dremmer died, while seniors Julia Baird and Kaia M. Tammen were seriously injured.

A WGN-TV report said Dremmer was pronounced dead shorty after the crash at Ferrel Hospital Eldorado Illinois, while Baird and Tammen were air-lifted to hospitals in Indiana, where they are in stable but serious condition.

The report identified the driver of the mini-van as 86 year-old John R. Hillyard of Enfield, Illinois. It said he "crossed a median as he drove south on Shawneetown/New Haven Road near Shawnteetown. The road is about 6 miles south of Illinois Route 141," but said it is unclear what caused the crash.

A Chicago Tribune report said the girls had planned to travel 500 miles on their spring break, from Missouri to Indiana. "Adventurous and athletic, the three had meticulously planned the bicycle journey with Baird's father, James, who regularly tackles long-distance bike trips and who accompanied the young women on both bike and car."

The Tribune said the Dremmer family released a brief statement, calling Faith "'a really extraordinary and special kid (who) will very much be missed.'"

A Facebook group set up by what seems to be another Lab Schools student Thursday in memory of Dremmer read: "Faith was an incredible person who was always kind. I did not know her as well as I would have liked but she will be in my heart always. My thoughts go out to Julia and Kaia, and the families of all three girls as well as the many others who hold them in their hearts."

As of Saturday morning, the group had 960 members.

UPDATE: WGN is reporting charges will be brought against the driver, but backtracked on identifying him, claiming there is "No word yet on who the driver of the van is."