Baby Got Brownback

By Tim Murphy

I’ve never met Sam Brownback. I know very little about him other than that his last name is somewhat ridiculous and that he once attempted to bring Terri Schiavo back to life through his stirring rhetoric on the floor of the Senate. And, ok, that second part might be not be true at all. It may be entirely false. But really, who’s to say?For more than a year, his name and cartoonish brand of politics had lured me into temptation. Surely there was a column in there somewhere, but I could never get past the name, and the headline, which became the headline of this post. What was there to say? His novelty was that everything he said was just so daggum ludicrous, but that wore off when everyone else seemed to follow his lead.Now Mitt Romney talks about Saracens reinstating the caliphate and Rudy Giuliani solicits donations of $9.11, and John McCain sings about “Bomb Iran.” What’s a fringe candidate to amid such unabashed brilliance? Brownback was great in theory but when it turned out that everyone else was just as batshit-crazy as he was, he had nothing to run on. The appeal was gone. The support faded. The donations came to a standstill.And now he’s gone.