Lawyers offer services free of charge

By Carl Pickerill

“Law Day,” an event featuring Chicago-area attorneys speaking on legal topics to community members, will take place this Saturday, April 30, at the Bessie Coleman Library on 731 East 63rd Street from 1 to 3 p.m.

The Woodlawn Community Service Corporation (WCSC) will sponsor the annual event in conjunction with the Chicago Bar Association and the Cook County Bar Association. Attorneys belonging to both bar associations will offer their counsel to attendees on issues of street law, expungement, employment, real estate, and wills.

“Expungement is a new topic for us this year,” said Gail Taylor, vice president of the WCSC, the organization that has sponsored the event for the past five years. “Many individuals find it difficult to clean their records, which plays a role in getting housing and jobs. The attorney specialists participating in the event will be able to answer any questions that people might have.”

Taylor said the event will take a panel format with a subsequent question and answer session. She advised attendees to approach the speakers one-on-one should they have more intimate questions.

Taylor’s sister Denise Mercherson, an attorney working downtown, will be heading up Law Day. WCSC members have gone door to door in the past few months, attempting to attract attention for Law Day, and Taylor said she hopes for a large turnout, especially among Woodlawn community members interested in the real estate law panel.

“Real estate and tenant issues are big in the Woodlawn community and we expect this particular panel to be very helpful for a lot of people in the community,” Taylor said.

Those interested can contact WCSC President Faris Mercherson at (773) 684-2648 with additional questions concerning the event. Refreshments will be served.