President Randel hosts fencing open

By Bourree Lam

The Fencing Club will host the First Annual President Randel Open on Saturday afternoon at the Henry Crown Field House. This event will mark the club’s first in-house individual tournament, with special guest President Don Randel in attendance.

“This is a great event to participate in for all those who have ever wanted to fence,” said Carolyn Gruber, captain of the fencing team. “Just come out and the club will hook you up with equipment and give you a run down of the rules.”

The tournament will be structured like a United States Fencing Association (USFA) tournament, starting with pools in which all fencers face off, then proceeding to 15-touch direct elimination bouts, seeded by pool results. All three weapons—épée, foil, and saber—will be available and all bouts will be mixed gender. In the tradition of chivalric tournaments, prizes will be awarded to the fencers who prove themselves to be the best of the day.

“The event came to me because I am the faculty adviser to the fencing club,” said Randel. “They probably asked me knowing that I fenced in college. Foil was my weapon.” Randel said he would not fence in the tournament. “It has been much too long since I last did! Instead, I will simply cheer everyone on,” he said.

“This tournament was to provide an opportunity for people, both on the fencing team and off, to fence during the spring quarter without needing to spend the usual large expense required to be in a fencing tournament,” said épée squad captain Steve Flood. “It also provides a chance for both President Randel and other students to get more involved in the fencing club!”

This event is free, including free equipment loans from the Fencing Club. Pre-registration requests may be sent to before Saturday and includes a special free concession coupon. Regular registration will take place from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Henry Crown Balcony.