Crime Report: January 17

By Hassan S. Ali

Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers shot and wounded a man after staking out a building at 1332 East 52nd Street in the late night hours of Friday, January 13.

CPD officials reported receiving a tip that someone in a red van frequented the building on Friday nights to pick up narcotics, prompting the stakeout operation on Friday.

According to Pat Camden, Chicago Police Department news affairs deputy director, officers confirmed seeing the suspected vehicle arrive in front of the building, when someone reportedly left the van and entered the building. After returning to the van, according to Camden, officers told the driver to exit the vehicle, after which the man reversed the car, and then started to drive forward with a sergeant still in front of the van.

The threat prompted another officer to take action, shooting at the man and wounding him in his thigh, according to Camden. Despite further attempts to reverse the car, officers overpowered the man and managed to seize his keys. The man was then admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Police reported seizing large amounts of cocaine and money from the suspect’s van.