April 29, 2003

Ministry of Fun

Pete Yorn/Grandaddy/Rooney

Riviera Theater

4746 N. Racine

Although Chicagoland Pete Yorn fans snapped up all the tickets to this show weeks ago, it still might be worth up trekking to Uptown's Riv to catch openers Grandaddy and Rooney and trying to scalp a seat. California space-rockers Grandaddy, in an unfortunately rare Chicago appearance, will air new material from their upcoming and likely dope platter Sumday, while Rooney boasts raw demi-celebrity power. Lead singer Robert Carmine is the son of Talia Shire and the younger brother of Phantom Planet drummer and Rushmore cult figurehead Jason Schwartzman. The catch-they're not that bad. While their debut LP (Rooney, out June 10) is a bit rough, the youngsters have a promising sound, one part Weezer, one part Cars and a side helping of, err, ELO.

Tickets were $25. Remind the scalper of this, although it is unlikely to help anything.