January 21, 2005

The Uncommon Interview

It's highly unlikely that there exists a student at the University of Chicago who has not spent a long night in the all-night study space on the A-Level of the Reg, whether it was slaving away at a paper that was due eight hours later or studying an entire quarter's worth of material for the next day's final. To that end, we have all had Qinghua Guo swipe our student IDs as we sleepily drag ourselves out of the Reg. Few people know him by name, but everyone can recognize him. The Maroon stopped to chat with "The Man Who Swipes Your Card Late-Night on the A-Level," otherwise known as Qinghua Guo.

Chicago Maroon: What exactly is your role here at the University of Chicago?

Qinghua Guo: My job is to keep all-night study space in order and give students a safe and convenient place to study at early morning. It plays assistant role in education, but still important.

CM: For how long have you been working at/affiliated with the U of C?

QG: I have been working in this library for five years. At first in front desk, then in all night study space.

CM: As someone who sees students slaving away over their homework in the early hours of the morning, what is your perception of students here at the University?

QG: Seeing students study hard in early morning, I am very glad because they will become talents someday. I do not think they work too much. All people should study as much as possible.

CM: Being that you start your job in the all-night study space around midnight, what is it that you do during the day? Do you have another job?

QG: At day time, I sleep and read for one or two hours. This is my only job since I need more knowledge than money.

CM: Have you found yourself forming any bonds with the students who are constantly working in the A-Level each night?

QG: I got some friends since I worked in the library. As we have different major and interests, plus we do not understand totally, so it is difficult to get close friends.

-Jennifer Glickel