November 7, 2006

Bursar's Office goofs on Flex charges

[img id="80101" align="alignleft"] The Bursar accidentally charged 132 students’ Flex accounts multiple times in October because of a glitch in transferring student Flex purchases to the Bursar’s Office.

In September, the Housing office had trouble sending some student account information to the Bursar’s Office. In order to fix the problem, the initial charges on these accounts had to be re-sent to the Bursar, causing the students to be charged multiple times for the same Flex purchases.

Some students and their parents noticed the error in their accounts and contacted the Campus Dining Services office, the Bursar’s Office, or the Office of Undergraduate Student Housing. Ana Campos, associate director in the Office of Undergraduate Student Housing, sent an e-mail last week to the students affected by the glitch, explaining and apologizing for the problem, as well as informing these students that the Bursar had rectified their accounts.

Campos said in her e-mail that the glitch was a direct result of the transition to the University’s new housing and dining system database, which includes the accounts of over 3,000 students. NSIT has assisted in setting up and transferring the necessary student-purchases information to the Bursar’s Office.

“Whenever there is a new system, there are always issues with its implementation,” Campos said in an interview.

She said the glitch in the system is “now totally fixed” and does not anticipate that it will occur again.

“I hope that if people experience problems with their Bursar accounts related to dining or housing, they will continue to contact the Office of Undergraduate Housing, as we are happy to look into student problems and help unpack what they’re looking at,” Campos said.