February 14, 2006

Uncle Joe’s renamed Hallowed Grounds

The student-run coffee shop on the second floor of the Reynold’s Club has been renamed Hallowed Grounds, marking the second time it has undergone a name change this academic year.

The coffee shop was first called Uncle Joe’s before being renamed The Uncle and, most recently, Hallowed Grounds.

“Uncle Joe’s has never really been the staff’s favorite,” said Caitlin Doughty, a fourth-year in the College and general manager of Hallowed Grounds.

In response, ORCSA gave the coffee shop a chance to change its name through a renaming contest. Out of 150 submissions, Mike Levin’s suggestion was selected as the winning name, which was inspired by the name of a coffee shop in the zombie movie Dawn of the Dead.

Levin, a fourth-year in the College, said that The Uncle had too much of a clubhouse feel. Instead, he said he wanted the new name for the coffee shop to reference film, particularly the zombie movie genre.

“Hallowed Grounds was a natural choice,” Levin said. “It not only evokes the darkness…but also brings a certain levity through a miniscule hint of wit and sarcasm.”

In addition to a new name, Hallowed Grounds will offer several new products. Grilled panini will be sold for $6 along with food from Soul Vegetarian, Nantucket Nectars, and Jones Soda. The most popular new item, vegan cookies from the Chicago Diner, will be sold for $2.

Doughty has seen varied reactions to the new name from customers.

“Some people think it’s the greatest name ever, and some people don’t think a change was necessary,” Doughty said.

Despite the official name change, Doughty and Levin both suspect that some will continue to call the coffee shop what they please.

“I am sure that those in support of the former name will continue to use it to describe what is now Hallowed Grounds,” Levin said.