May 7, 2006

Poker, Prostitutes, and the CIA

Porter Goss's resignation seemed utterly uninteresting to me until I found out poker and prostitutes might have been involved. We know that Goss's third in charge, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, was an attendee at poker games in Washington D.C., in hotel suites (ironically one of the hotels was the Watergate). While that is shady, it is just the start. These poker games were arranged by defense contractor Brent Wilkes:

Prosecutors are looking into whether Mr. Wilkes and contractor Mitchell Wade, who has pleaded guilty to bribing Mr. Cunningham, had supplied prostitutes and the suites' use to Mr. Cunningham and possibly other members of Congress from the 1990s until 2005. The CIA in March confirmed that its inspector general is investigating the relationship between Messrs. Foggo and Wilkes, to see whether Mr. Foggo may have played any improper role in the awarding of CIA contracts to Mr. Wilkes's companies. A 27-year CIA veteran, Mr. Foggo became the agency's executive director in 2004. His duties have included overseeing the letting of CIA contracts. The two have been close friends since junior high school.
Juicy...Apparently Goss might have refused to can Foggo and as a result was forced out. Of course there is also evidence that the Foggo scandal had nothing to do with Goss's resignation. But isn't it fun to talk about "Duke" Cunningham, high-stakes poker and prostitution rings?