September 1, 2006

Friday quirky quick hits

1) It looks like a bunch of Chicago restaurants hold similar sentiments to those I expressed in my very first blog post regarding the city's ban on foie gras. A bunch of them staged illegal foie gras feasts--some in particularly creative ways--to protest when the law took effect.2) Did you know that many cars have "black boxes," similar to those they are always searching for in plane wrecks? I didn't. It's an interesting idea but perhaps a bit too Orwellian.3) The last two countries in the world signed the Geneva Conventions which, with 194 countries on board, is the first document completely agreed to by the entire world.4) SA's William points to an interesting discussion about the possibility of a libertarian picking up Tom Delay's congressional seat. (Ed--Should "libertarian" be capitalized?)5) The stolen Edvard Munch paintings--Madonna and the oh-so-famous The Scream--have been found. Aside from the fact that it is wrong, I think it is really cool/crazy that people still steal art.