January 15, 2008

Clothes-Minded—January 15, 2008

After shopping for gifts and indulging in the post-holiday sales, it’s no surprise that your pocketbook is noticeably lighter. Unfortunately, for many of us, that shopping bug doesn’t disappear after New Year’s Eve. Lucky for the style enthusiasts, many designers have teamed up with Target to create affordable lines while still delivering their signature looks. Wandering the aisles of Target with Drano and Ritz in hand, not everyone recognizes the rotation of designer names that are becoming an integral part of the Target Corporation, but the big names are at the top of the fashion game, so it’s no surprise that fashionistas are flocking to Target.

Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy, a husband-and-wife team, formed Loeffler Randall to cater to the crowd seeking elegant, modern fashion, starting with shoes in 2004 and recently expanding into handbags and clothing. The sophistication of Loeffler Randall’s designs has made it a mainstay in the style hound’s shoe closet, and their limited edition collection at Target is a frugal fashion goldmine. Where a clutch from Loeffler Randall may set you back $500, their oversized “leather” cream tote at Target is a mere $40. Keeping the same high-end feminine frill of the luxe line, Loeffler Randall’s pieces at Target have the modern detailing that has come to be expected of the line. Clutches, flats, and totes are woven, cinched, and beaded, giving each item the Loeffler Randall flair. The gold-rosette ballet flats and glossy-pink sash-tied clutch are just a couple of their stunningly smart pieces showing at Target.

Isaac Mizrahi knows fashion. He’s been through ups and downs in the industry, opening his high-end fashion house in 1988, welcoming Chanel as an investor in 1994, and then being forced to shutter his doors in 1998 when pieces just weren’t moving off the retail racks. He was an editorial favorite, but early on in his career, the masses just didn’t seem to get his look. How times have changed. The seasonal Isaac Mizrahi collection has been at Target since 2003 and his wearable, fashion-forward pieces have shoppers continually coming back for more. All of the designs have a similar showy style; bold color combinations, flattering cuts, and innovative details all fit the bill of a Mizrahi creation. Some of the most covetable pieces at Target include a ’40s-inspired black-on-gray plaid 3/4-sleeve jacket and a silver party dress with a belted waist and full skirt with a satin hem. And no need to worry yourself about how to finish off the outfit—he does shoes too.

If you have a thing for pearls, cameos, elegance, and lace then prepare yourself to be enamored of Dominique Cohen’s jewelry collection for Target. Layers of craftsmanship and innovation characterize Cohen’s luxury jewelry line, which features pieces using base gold combined with gemstones and pearls. Her line at Target has an antique feel, including a cameo chain necklace, bronze ring with beau couer scripted across it, and grey pearl drop earrings. Her pieces look like instant heirlooms you dug out of a jewelry box in the attic. Don’t hate it because it’s cheap and beautiful.

Target has always been a great one-stop shop. Furniture, groceries, cleaning supplies, and now designer dresses—what more could you ask for? With a little help from Target, luxury labels are not just for the Bergdorf crowd anymore. And while you may not be able to put a price on style, snagging Loeffler Randall flats for $30 makes you look quite smart.