May 23, 2008


Wendy Doniger, the Mircea Eliade distinguished service professor in the Divinity School, will deliver the commencement address to this year’s graduating classes at the June 13 and 14 graduate and College convocation ceremonies...Her speech, entitled “Thinking More Critically About Thinking Too Critically,” will explore critical approaches to classic texts written in cultures and eras whose values diverge from modern sensibilities, Doniger said. Doniger has also delivered the Orientation Week’s traditional Aims of Education address in the past, but said that her commencement speech will approach problems of reading in a different light.“This will be more about coming to terms with the flaws in great classics. Problems such as racism and sexism are looked at in a different way today,” she said. “It’s about learning to read the classics in a new way that was not possible fifty years ago.”
You are kidding me, right?