October 16, 2009

Student spreads gospel of heavenly fried chicken

Picturing Jesus Christ on a beer run to Kimbark Liquors, third-year Sol Lee gave a talk, “Harold’s, God, and the Keg,” aimed to draw listeners in by taking an unconventional approach to spreading the group’s religious message Tuesday in McCormick Lounge.

After opening with a poem about Lee’s love for Harold’s Chicken, Lee, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) outreach coordinator, said choosing to drink doesn’t mean turning your back on being Christian. “Drinking is okay. Jesus drank,” he said. A close reading of the Bible, Lee said, reveals Jesus’s love of alcohol. “Jesus does a Kimbark run [in the Bible], bought some drinks for his homies,” he joked.

But Lee pointed out that doing anything in excess can be problematic—even eating Harold’s chicken. Lee said things that preoccupy the minds of college students—a desire for higher Facebook friend counts, hotter significant others, and even better grades—won’t make them happy in the long run.

“If you’re digging and you can’t find what you’re looking for, come to Jesus,” he said.

Lee’s original plan was to title his talk “God and the Keg,” as a play on the University’s lecture “God and the Core” a few weeks ago, but prepping for the night, he realized that the “incessant, gnawing entity” of Harold’s Chicken played too important a role in his life to be ignored.

The attendees agreed, enjoying the free Harold’s served after the event.