January 15, 2010

University posts up new kiosks

Spreading the word about student life on campus will soon be easier, as the University finishes installing new information kiosks to replace its run-down bulletin boards.

The finished structures will consist of metal posts with a rubber surface surrounding them. The materials, as well as the inclusion of a small roof and a light, make the information kiosks an upgrade from the former outdoor bulletin boards, University spokesman Jeremy Manier said.

“The previous wooden ones were old and weathered, which is why they were removed and are being replaced,” Manier said. The replacements are designed to better protect posted notices from the elements, as well as to withstand the passage of time and harsh outdoor conditions.

The six new stands are spread through campus, located near the Hutchinson Courtyard, the Hitchcock Quad, the Social Sciences Quad, the Classics Quad, Bartlett Dining Commons, and Pierce Hall.

It is uncertain when this project will be completed, as the final step involves installing the lights to illuminate the kiosks. This requires waiting for the snow on the ground to thaw, Manier said.