February 22, 2011

Community 2.16 Recap

This episode of Community takes place in a hospital, and it is about as cheerful as you would expect hospital-comedy to be. (Not very cheerful.) The funniest line is when Pierce—who pretends throughout the episode that he is on his deathbed (Ha, ha! Deathbed!)—says he wants to say his final words to everyone in the study group. Troy says, “Final words? So you’re going to kill us?” Funny, but also with strong overtones of murder, you know?

Background: After the Valentine’s Day dance, Pierce was found collapsed on a bench somewhere, because he was/is addicted to painkillers. Now he is in the hospital, and the whole study group is there to hear his final words and get what he is bequeathing to them.

The thing is, Pierce isn’t dying, and what he is actually bequeathing to his friends are personalized mindgames that will destroy their recipients. (Lol! Destruction!) He bequeaths Shirley a CD of the study group talking about her behind her back. Britta gets a check for $10,000 with no recipient filled in, so she can give the money to a charity of her choice—or keep it. Jeff gets reunited with his dad (except not really). Annie gets a tiara, because she is Pierce’s favorite princess or something else a little creepy. The tiara is actually not a mindgame, but Annie is sure it is, and keeps saying “What does that mean?”, emphasizing a different word each time.

Maybe most tragically (I mean humorously! Ha ha! Everyone is laughing!), Troy gets bequeathed an in-person hang out session with his hero, Levar Burton. Except Troy doesn’t want to meet his hero—he wants a signed picture. Because you can’t disappoint a picture! Once Levar comes on the scene, Troy sings the Reading Rainbow song hysterically when Levar isn’t around and silently opens his eyes really wide when Levar is around. It’s almost like he goes into a coma, except he is significantly less relaxed.

In the end, Jeff punches Pierce (for impersonating his dad), and Pierce reveals to the group that this is all a scam to make them take him seriously. Somehow, this justifies the whole ordeal, and by the end of the episode everyone is getting along. Britta even donates the check to the Red Cross!