April 19, 2014

SG spring elections candidates announced

Student Government’s Elections and Rules Committee announced the candidates for the 2014–2015 elections. The announcement marks the beginning of campaigning, and elections will occur Wednesday–Friday of 5th week.

The positions and candidates are listed below:


United Progress

President: Tyler Kissinger

Vice President for Administration: Arlin Hill

Vice President for Student Affairs: Aseal Tineh

Moose Party

President: Kent Bischoff

Vice President for Administration: Sam Hopkins

Vice President for Student Affairs:  Owen Grimm

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

Ala Tineh

Leeho Lim

Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

No candidates

Community and Government Liaison:

No candidates

College Council:

Fourth-year representative: Yusef Janahi

Third-year representative:  Rutvik Joglekar, Mark Sands, Mike Viola, Kevin Shi

Second-year representative: Ala Tineh, Kenzo Esquirel, Saachi Gupta, Leeho Lim, Katherine Shen