February 23, 2017

Five Professors Awarded Sloan Fellowship

Five University of Chicago professors were awarded 2017 Sloan Fellowships for their outstanding work in the fields of chemistry, economics, and physics, according to a UChicago News article.

Sloan Research Fellowships are awarded annually to 126 scholars who have distinguished themselves early in their careers. Each Sloan Fellowship is a two-year $60,000 award which recipients can use for research of their choice.

University of Chicago recipients include Abigail Vieregg, an assistant professor of physics, Alessandra Voena, an associate professor of economics, Bryan Dickinson, an assistant professor of chemistry, Joseph Vavra, an associate professor of economics, and Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan, an assistant professor of chemistry.

Vieregg concentrates in particle astrophysics and cosmology. She is working with telescopes at the South Pole to gain a better understanding of the events of the Big Bang.

Voena’s research focuses on the economics of the family. Her recent work has looked at economic facets of marriage and fertility in various countries around the globe.

Dickinson specializes in biotechnology. He is currently working to create new types of biosensors and to investigate cell signaling.

Vavra studies macroeconomics and has recently been researching the effect of monetary policy on volatile recessions. He also studies labor, pricing, and consumption patterns.

Vaikuntanathan works in biophysics and theoretical chemistry. He is investigating how organic structures self-assemble.

These five 2017 Sloan scholars join the ranks of UChicago faculty who are alumni of the program, including five who received the fellowship in 2016 and another five who received it in 2015.