January 11, 2018

New Year, New Beer: Med Begins Serving Alcohol

Medici served its first round of beers on Monday after years as a BYOB establishment.

General Manager Kirsten Esterly said the restaurant now has a rotating list of eight Midwestern craft beers and four wines on tap.

New offerings include a selection of 12 bottled wines and a limited selection of distilled beverages for cocktails. The Med will begin to offer drinks like Bloody Marys, vodka lemonades, and Kentucky Snowcones (a concoction of vanilla milkshake and bourbon).

“Our goal is to take what we already do and boozy it up a bit,” Esterly wrote.

Staff at the Med had been eager to serve alcohol for some time. According to Esterly, the Med’s previous owner, Hans Morsbach (who passed away in 2011 and whose wife now owns the restaurant), had dreamed of obtaining a liquor license.

“With the recent development in Hyde Park, and the many new restaurants opening in the neighborhood, now just seemed to be the right time to pursue a liquor license so that we might continue to remain competitive,” Esterly wrote.

Although the BYOB policy has ended, guests will still be able to bring their own bottle of wine for a $10 corkage fee.

“The Medici has not added a bar, changed our hours, or atmosphere. We're still a great neighborhood restaurant— now you can just have a beer or glass of wine with your pizza,” Esterly wrote.