Chicago’s role in the world explored

By Libby Pearson

Some of the authors of Global Chicago, a new book chronicling the impact of globalization on life in Chicago, came to International House yesterday evening for the most recent panel discussion in the World Beyond the Headlines Series.

Sociology professor Saskia Sassen, vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago William Testa, Chicago Tribune Urban Correspondent Ron Grossman, and Executive Director of the CCFR’s Global Chicago Center Richard C. Longworth spoke on the transformation of Chicago from its days as an industrial power to its modern role as a global city. According to the panelists, globalization has affected Chicago’s economy, politics, arts, schools, neighborhoods, and the way that its people think about their city in relation to its new global role.

The book’s editor, and the editor of the Chicago Tribune’s Perspective section, Charles Madigan, moderated the panel. The Norman Wait Harris Fund of the Center for International Studies, the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, and the International House Voices Program sponsored the event. Global Chicago is available for sale from The University of Chicago Press.