Life of the Grind – 10.19.10

To South Campus Dining Hall mug thieves: It is better to give hugs than to take mugs.

By The Maroon Staff

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Dear frats: Less Katy Perry, more ragers.

To Reg: I drink because you kick me out to early on Saturday nights.

To DragAnn: You are a beautiful animal.

Dear Ted O'Neill: You're head and shoulders above the rest of us. How is your hair so luscious?

Dear Brett: Those pics left me underwhelmed.

Dear Jam Girl: Keep jamming.

Dear student protestors of the early 2000s: Why did you take Taco Bell away from me?

To R-Geezy: My scowl's just a little softer, and my hair just a little poofier, whenever I'm in your presence.

To the jerk who locked his bike on mine outside the Reg on Sunday: I doubt you will ever read this since, if bicycle etiquette is beyond your grasp, reading for fun is probably not a hobby of yours.