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The Tribune

By Tim Murphy

The Tribune has more news today on the murder that occured on campus early Sunday morning. Apparently, the CPD may have identified the vehicle that was used by the gunman:

Chicago police have issued an alert for a car they say may have been involved in the killing of a University of Chicago doctoral student from Senegal, as well as two other gun-related attacks near campus early Monday. Police say they are looking for a light silver or white four-door car, with one red door on the driver’s side, that “may possibly” be connected to the slaying of Amadou Cisse, 29, and the other incidents that occurred within blocks of his shooting.

The story also voices concerns about the 10-hour delay between the shooting and the time that the University community was informed:

Alison Kiss, program director at the non-profit Security on Campus, which works to prevent violence on college campuses, said too much time lapsed before officials notified the community. Similar concerns were raised after the shooting massacre at Virginia Tech University this year, which left 33 dead, including the gunman. “In this case, where a [staff member] was shot at, students were robbed, it is important to make sure there is a way to notify your students,” Kiss said. “We like to see it within 30 minutes when there is an imminent risk.”

Considering there is a major student dorm only a block and a half away, it is certainly a valid complaint. You can read the Maroon’s news report, obituary, and editorial here.