Community Episode 2.9 Recap

There’s a mystery brewin’ at Greendale.

By Mae Rice

This week at Greendale, there's a mystery to be solved. You know it is a real mystery because people are getting quadruple-crossed and, to make matters even more legit, there are toy guns. Yes, that’s right—more than one toy gun.

Here is the mystery: Jeff forged a form so he could get credit for an imaginary independent study on conspiracy theories with “Professor Professorson.” The Dean finds out and is in the middle of chewing Jeff out when suddenly, a man shows up. And he is Professor Professorson. He has an ID to prove it!

You’d think this episode was a parody of Inception, but spoiler alert: it’s not. It is a parody of the entire mystery genre, with a little revenge parody thrown in when Jeff puffs out his chest and says “He doesn’t like fake classes? Well he’s about to get a real lesson on the fact that Jeff. Winger. Never. Learns.” Dun dun dun.

Meanwhile, Troy and Abed are having a sleepover and building a blanket fort. But once their fort is built, they realize that they are adults, and something about the whole enterprise feels inappropriate. They need to do something more grown up. They need to build a bigger fort. Other people start bringing blankets and getting involved. Soon their fort is so big that it has a spice bazaar and a Polish district… but like all good things, Troy and Abed know it must come to an end. So they built a self-destruct system into their fort empire. Obviously!