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In case you haven’t seen it, NEWSWEEK has prod

By Tim Murphy

In case you haven’t seen it, NEWSWEEK has produced a 50,000-word, behind-the-scenes look at the campaign, relying on previously off-the-record reporting. It’s horribly addictive–if only my readings for class were this compelling–especially for those of you suffering from post-dramatic campaign stress syndrome after 20 months (!!) of seemingly never-ending theatrics. It’s tough to just pick a few highlights–there’s dirt on infighting within the Clinton campaign, reaction to Bill in South Carolina, and, of course, plenty on Palin. Here’s my personal favorite nugget so far:

At the convention in St. Paul, Palin was completely unfazed by the boys’-club fraternity she had just joined. One night, Schmidt and Salter went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. “I’ll be just a minute,” she said. Salter tried to strike up a conversation. He knew that Todd was half native Alaskan and a championship snow-machine racer. “So what’s the difference between a snowmobile and a snow machine, anyway?” Salter asked. “They’re the same thing,” Todd replied. “Right, so why not call it a snowmobile?” Salter joshed. “Because it’s a snow machine,” came the reply. Later, Schmidt and Salter went outside so that Salter could have a cigarette. “So how about the Eskimo? Is he on the level?” Schmidt asked. Salter just shrugged and took another drag.

Anyway, the whole thing is one giant after-dinner mint, so read it all here.