Crime spree amidst the Miley Cyrus crowd

Uh oh. UCPD Chief of Police Marlon Lynch just sent out a security alert detailing the following crime

By Claire McNear

Uh oh. UCPD Chief of Police Marlon Lynch just sent out a security alert detailing the following crimes:

Two crimes involving violence or the threat of violence were reported recently at the CTA bus stop adjacent to the Red Line rapid transit station at Garfield Blvd. and Wentworth Avenue (Dan Ryan Expressway):At 10:30 p.m., Saturday, July 18 – Two males, 18, and a female, 18, were among a group of people waiting for an eastbound CTA bus. Three young males, 12-14 years-of age, verbally harassed the victims before striking one of the male victims on the head with a stick and then throwing the stick striking the female victim. The other male victim was punched on the neck by a second offender.At 10:30 p.m., Sunday, July 19 – A male, 20, waiting for a CTA bus at the same bus stop and was robbed by a young male, 12-13 years-of-age, who displayed the butt of a hand gun tucked into his waist band.

This might sound familiar to those who have been in Hyde Park for a while. Say, from another security alert from April 20, 2007:

At 3:17 pm, Thursday, April 19, near South Kenwood Avenue between 53rd & 54th Streets (within Nichols Park), a man was walking when he noticed a group of about 20 male juveniles (about 13-15 years of age) within the park. This group then surrounded him and someone struck the victim on the back of the head. One of the group then demanded that the victim empty his pockets. When the victim ignored this and tried to keep walking, he was struck, knocked down, and kicked. A small radio was taken from his pocket. The group fled when the victim went to a nearby emergency phone and summoned University police who were unsuccessful in locating the offenders. The victim refused medical attention. Police are investigating.

But that wasn’t an isolated incident. The kicker, from

Police express concern about new wave of teen random attacks on adults. In late May 2007, it was noted by police and officials that a number of attacks by (mainly groups of) teens on adults occurred, especially on May 21 around the U of C campus but also elsewhere. Rudy Nimocks, head of the U of C Police, said these are probably related to creating status and impressing peers. Bob Mason of SECC told the Herald the trend has been on the rise since February. Two had been arrested. This has since subsided to a steady occasional background.

Could this be the start of another wave of Hyde Park kids vs. college kids? The 2007 face-off involved a lot of sleepy nerds being robbed by preteens on their way out of the Reg late at night… and now they have sticks?Kids these days.