Obituary: James Koehn

By Andrew Moesel

James Koehn, a second-year in the College, died on Friday, Febuary 28 in an off-campus apartment in Hyde Park. He was 20 years old.

Koehn, who grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, lived in Linn House in Burton-Judson Courts during the fall quarter of this year and moved to Dudley House in Shoreland Hall in the winter. He was described by those who knew him as outgoing and humorous.

During his time at the University, Koehn developed a close-knit group of friends. “He called me by my screen name, ‘Katie80,’ and I called him Jimmy Dean. We had that exchange almost every day,” said Katie Carlson. “It was very endearing.”

Koehn was involved in several University Theater performances, constructing sets and working on the technical aspects of several plays, including Leocadia this fall. He was undecided about his concentration.

Koehn is survived by his parents, Tom and Linda Koehn, and his younger brother, John.

“This is very sad and tragic for his family and others in the community,” said Susan Art, dean of the college. “There is always something unfathomable about these kinds of events that we will perhaps never understand.”

A funeral service was held in Koehn’s hometown on Wednesday, March 4. A memorial service for him will be held today at 2:30 p.m. in Bond Chapel. All students are invited to attend.