Go back to Canada

By Alec Brandon

Pretentious, bow-tie, wearing Canadian Adam Goldenberg cries about getting J.K. Rowlings for his graduation speech:

They invited J. K. Rowling to speak at Commencement. In four months, I’m going to graduate, having dropped hundreds of thousands of undervalued Canadian dollars on a so-called Harvard education, and then I’m going to get to listen to J.K. Rowling. J. K. freaking Rowling. Awesome….Each of us has sacrificed time and treasure to make it to the end of our Harvard careers, and so the choice of an overpaid peddler of the prepubescent equivalent of drugstore paperbacks is plainly insulting.

Oh no you didn’t.I’d have no problem is Goldenberg was upset about not getting an academic speaker (presumably he isn’t, as he longs to hear Oprah or Hillary speak at his graduation), but taking shots at J.K. is going too far.Presumably, Rowling is more than a flash in the pan. I hardly see how someone creates one of the most popular book series ever (?) based on sheer luck. She has popularized reading for millions. And, most importantly, she’s someone who is actually interesting.If Goldenberg went to the U of C, where Michael Bloomberg is about as sexy as it gets, he’d understand that Rowling is an inspired choice. I mean, if you aren’t going to go down the Nobel prize winning physicist route, why not have some fun? That’s definately the approach that I’m advocating for my graduation speaker.