Brodie: You don’t mess with Goolsbee and walk away from it

By Alec Brandon

It is being reported that Tory Chief of Staff Ian Brodie was the one that leaked information on the discussion U of C economist, Obama advisor, and Editors Blog man crush Austan Goolsbee had with Canada’s consular general on NAFTA.Brodie was a political science professor in Canada before entering politics. Using composite photography, we think Brodie looks something like the image on the left.Clearly Brodie doesn’t understand how things work on the south side of North America. You don’t get to snitch on our beloved academics on publicly funded television (clearly a subliminal shot at the U of C) and walk away from it. Especially when you mess with the Goolz. See Goolz and his crew were cool with you sticking to your turf. But, then you got all ambitious and thought you could mess with the game down south. And you just had to make it personal. Some might be able to let this go, but not Goolsbee. As he once screamed to a member of his crew: “My name is my name!” Brodie: Chicago is calling you out, Omar style. Come down to the streets and settle this like a man.Goolz and his cohort clearly need to teach you a lil something about marginal cost and marginal benefit. Biatch.