Poll: When does finals week need to end?

If you could, when would you stop finals week, and why?

By Asher Klein

Feel free to post other suggestions below, as a comment. (Although we think these five options cover pretty much all the bases.)

When does finals week need to end?

Man, right now.

In like five minutes, after I finish this paragraph. This is some good stuff.

I dunno, it's not that bad. Harper has this great, low hum going on and I'm grooving.

Check back with me when I'm not at Jimmy's, downing brews like Ridley Scott did blackhawks circa 2001. Whatever happened to Josh Hartnell, anyway?

Speaking of blackhawks, yay Blackhawks! Stanley Cup, giiiirl!

What is a Blackhawk, and why am I reading this when I have two finals to take tomorrow?

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This poll will does not have anything to do with science. Frankly, it's a little weirded out that you asked.

Also finals week will actually be over in like one day.