Bart Mart loses power, recovers

By Kat Glass

The Maroon Market, also known as Bart Mart, had its power supply shut down unexpectedly on Tuesday afternoon, temporarily forcing students to find other means to satisfy their junk food cravings.

An Aramark representative who declined to identify himself estimated that the power went out around 3:30 p.m. According to Cheryl Gutman, deputy dean of students for housing, dining, and transportation, the outage was a deliberate safety precaution taken by ComEd after discovering that an electrical feeder line used by the University’s electrical system had technical problems. Workers from ComEd fixed the problem at 4:54 p.m., Gutman said.

Though Gutman said that the incident was a surprise, she said, “This kind of thing probably happens in our neck of the woods every couple of years.”

Luckily for the Bart Mart management, the outage did not cost the store more than the hour and a half of lost sales. “We had no product loss,” said the Aramark representative. He explained cold foods are thrown out only if they are kept in the “danger zone”—food industry jargon for temperatures above 40 degrees—for over two hours. Luckily, the freezers’ Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is still fit for midnight feasts.