Life of the Grind – 10.5.2010

Tips and hints from your fellow students.

By Life of the Grind

Dear kid who said "Hey" to my friends and me outside the frat party: Sorry I didn't say "Hey" back. Put your pants on next time.

Dear Core profs: Less assigned books, more assigned Jerry Bruckheimer films.

To the first-years: Look older.

Dear Z&H Market: Calling it a "sammie" won't make it hipper or tastier, but it will make me walk next door to the Med to buy my overpriced lunchtime sandwich.

To my professor: Thanks for letting the class know there's one chapter of reading, not four, the night before it's due. I did it all.

To "club girl": When are we going to da club??

Dear cashiers at CVS on 53rd Street: Forming only one line at the cash registers is way better. Stop fighting it and let it happen.

AMC's Sunday night line-up may be ruining my life, but at least I'm not giving advice on

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