Welcome to Inside SG!

By Frank Alarcon

As someone who spent his first two years at UChicago inside Student Government, I’m excited to be submitting my first post for my new blog, Inside SG. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my time in SG – first as a class rep, then as undergraduate liaison to the Board of Trustees – I felt that no matter how much effort SG devoted to communication, the student body never grasped what exactly SG does on a daily basis and why or whether SG’s work matters. By blogging about SG developments as they unfold, I hope to shrink this knowledge deficit and inform the student body of the ideas, successes, failures, and perspectives of their elected student leaders. My overarching goal is to encourage an engaged student community that is interested and even participatory in university decision-making.

In this introductory post, I have an obligation to set the terms of engagement. As someone who has devoted a good deal the last two years to SG, I can’t and don’t claim the traditional objectivity expected of a journalist. While the mission of this blog will always be to report facts, my posts won’t take the form of the news articles found in the print edition of the Maroon. Posts will reflect my knowledge of the internal workings of SG, report on daily SG business that might not qualify as newsworthy in a printed periodical, and occasionally include a glint of opinion, more likely in the form of a “food for thought” observation than direct praise or condemnation. If I ever feel that I might be too closely connected to a potential scoop to credibly blog about it, I will gladly recuse myself and ask a fellow Maroon writer to follow up on it. On the whole, however, I see my experience in SG as an asset, not a liability, in providing the student body an inside look into the SG’s work.

Well, that’s enough about me! Let’s take a look at what things are like Inside SG.