SG looking to fill seats on CC, Uncommon Fund Board, advisory committees

By Frank Alarcon

Student Government is in the process of accepting applications for three advisory committees—Transportation and Security Advisory Board (TSAB), Student Health and Wellness Advisory Board (SHAB), and Campus Dining Advisory Board (CDAB)—as well as the board that distributes Uncommon Fund grants.SG’s advisory committees meet several times a quarter with relevant administrators to provide student feedback on specific issues (in this case, transportation/security, student health, and campus dining, respectively). Serving on an advisory committee is a minimal time commitment but can be rewarding to a student with an interest in the subject matter.

More information about the advisory committees—as well as the Uncommon Fund Board—and application instructions can be found on SG’s new committees website. The application deadline is tonight at 11:59pm.

Additionally, College Council (CC) plans to fill a vacancy created by the election of third-year Representative Travis Benaiges as chair. When Benaiges was selected for the leadership post at CC’s third-week meeting, his seat as a third-year representative became vacant. Despite the requirement (articulated in CC’s by-laws) that the council fill vacancies within a week of their creation, the council will not fill this one until its tenth-week meeting on November 30.

Typically, Benaiges’ old seat would have automatically gone to the fifth-place finisher in his class from the previous Spring’s election, but Benaiges and three others ran uncontested for the Class of 2013’s four council seats in last April’s polls.

In an additional twist, Benaiges will be studying abroad in South Africa next quarter, and vice chair Glynis Fagan will be temporarily assuming the chairmanship. Thus, Fagan’s seat as a fourth-year representative will become vacant during the Winter. The council will choose an interim replacement for her on November 30.

Interested third- and fourth-years need simply show up to this November 30 meeting and give a pitch to the council to be considered for the seats. CC’s policy is to fill vacancies through internal elections, a custom that has come under fire from this newspaper’s editorial board.

The meeting will be held at 7pm in Stuart 104 on that day.