UCSC discusses Jan. 27 protest

By Madhu Srikantha

The University Community Service Center (UCSC) and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) hosted student-led discussion groups in response to the January 27 protests on Saturday.

A crowd of roughly 40 people, composed of mostly University students and a smattering of community members, were split into small groups for discussions on issues including race, trauma care, and disparities in health care. According to Omari Moore, one of the eight discussion leaders from UCSC, the turnout was significantly lower than anticipated.

While the event was organized by UCSC director Amy Chan and the Civic Reflection Fellowship program, the idea originated from within the University administration. Moore emphasized that the focus was placed on student attendance and engagement, although he believed that goal did not necessarily best serve the purpose of the event and that it ought to have included people involved in the protests. The community members who were present were specifically invited to participate.

According to Moore, no members of the community organizations involved in the trauma center protests, Fearless Leading by the Youth (FLY) or South Siders Together Organizing for Power (STOP), were invited.