New stops possible after bus revamp

The 170s CTA bus routes’ replacement will most likely be a private company and may provide additional stops.

By Ankit Jain

The University is exploring its options for replacing the 170s CTA buses for next school year after the current partnership between UChicago and the CTA ends in August. The most likely replacement will be a private company with the same routes as the current 170, 171, and 172 buses.

“[The CTA] has been raising the price of the service on the University in the past couple of years, and it’s gotten to a point where it’s just not feasible to contract with them anymore,” second-year and SG Vice President for Student Affairs Yusef al-Jarani said.

The CTA raised the University’s required subsidy by 30 percent this past year—a price the University agreed to meet, according to Bridget Malone, communications manager for the Department of Safety and Security.

Malone added that the University might expand the routes next year. “The University is exploring the idea of creating additional stops at locations that did not exist when the routes were originally designed,” she said.

The new system will go into place in August to allow for a trial run before students return to campus in September, first-year College Council representative and Transportation Student Advisory Board member Holly Rapp said.