CSL pledges diversity initiatives

By Ankit Jain

Karen Warren Coleman, vice president for Campus Life and Student Services, announced the administration’s plans to promote discussions about diversity across campus in an e-mail on Wednesday. The plans come after students raised concern over the lack of dialogue surrounding diversity on campus when a Facebook page titled “Politically Incorrect UChicago Confessions” surfaced last week.

The administration has taken immediate steps to focus on diversity by setting up a talk with civil rights activist Tim Wise on May 6, which will be followed by several small group discussions on race relations. According to the e-mail, a broader program “to bring more visibility to diversity-related topics” will be announced at the beginning of May.

Additionally, Warren Coleman said that a Vice President’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion would be created immediately “to engage students on issues of diversity and the student experience.”

Warren Coleman said the University will establish a fund to finance diversity-related programming and that the administration would create a commission to judge the success of these efforts during the summer.