Breakdown of 2013-2014 student activities fee released

By Marina Fang

Last night, SG convened a meeting to allocate funding for the areas and committees covered by the Student Activities Fee for the 2013–2014 academic year. According to the SG Web site, overall funding will increase by $153,000 due to expanded enrollment and an increase in cost per student to match inflation.

Areas receiving more funding include the Student Government Finance Committee, the Coalition of Academic Teams—which funds groups like Quiz Bowl and Mock Trial—and the Community Service Fund.

Funding for the Program Coordinating Council (PCC) will decrease by $9,850, or about two percent from this year. This year, a funding increase for PCC paid for a new Doc Films projector; SG reasoned that since the groups funded by the PCC are not requesting any new materials or equipment for the next year, it will be able to allocate more of its funds toward programming. The SG van, which SG voted to eliminate earlier this year, and temporary sport club support, which is now part of the Sports Fund, are areas which will not receive any funding next year.

Funding for the Uncommon Fund ($50,000) and student organization support ($120,000) will remain the same.

—Marina Fang