UChicago Events launches app to complement website

Users can now find events on their iOS devices.

By Sean Pierre

Students looking for something to do on a Friday night now have the information they need literally at their fingertips.

UChicago Events launched last spring, has recently created an iOS app to supplement its website, which provides listings of social events on campus. According the app’s developer, first-year Samuel Giddins, the new application provides students with an easier and more convenient way to access information.

According to third-year Victor Kung, one of the website’s co-founders, the app allows users to connect to the UChicago Events web server and find out about events that are occurring on campus during the week. It also connects to users’ Facebook accounts and allows their Facebook friends to be notified when they decide to attend an event.

“When each person logs on, they log in through their Facebook account. The way I like to put it is that it’s like Facebook Events but on steroids,” Kung said. “With Facebook Events, you only see events that you get invited to, but this app shows you everything, and we give you all of the capabilities that Facebook does.”

The app was developed for the iOS platform, since the majority of mobile users who use the UChicago Events website access the site through the iOS mobile platform. “Out of our user base, 30 percent of all of our users are mobile users. Out of that 30 percent, 90 percent are on Apple devices,” Kung said.

“Students want this data immediately, and they want it with them all of the time. We’ve built a solution for that,” Giddins said.

The team behind UChicago Events plans to continue the development of both its website and the app once it receives feedback from its user base, according to Giddins.

The app will be available on the iTunes store within the coming week.